Rexair the Bear

“Rexair the Bear”

Rexair Cover 2 smMy newest Children’s Picture Book is based on a true story, about a young black bear living in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

One day, way out in the country, Rexair, a young and very hungry black bear looked for food. His curiously sensitive black nose got him into big trouble though. You see, he sniffed out some creamy fresh milk left irresponsibly unattended, in the bottom of a large plastic pickle jar.

So excitedly, as he stuck his head into that jar, and finished his tasty snack, he found himself satisfied but in a horribly dangerous pickle-of-a-predicament. You guessed it, his furry black head was snugly stuck in the jar!

Oh no, what would he do? How in the world would he survive this terrible situation he understandably got himself into. Can Rexair, this silly black bear be successfully rescued? Will he get the help he so desperately needs? Or will he give up on the most important fight of his magnificently wild and free life…

“Rexair the Bear” is a heartwarming true story that will inspire you and your children to persevere and to never give up on life, no matter what life drops into your own beautifully unique life’s journey. Rexair will become an endearing character for your children to love, hug and look up to. Through my series, they will learn about the American Black Bear, their wildlife friends, and needed natural habitats. You can use Rexair’s remarkable story to teach your children the importance of not littering, and taking responsibility for their own trash and empty containers, as well.

“Rexair the Bear” will be published October of 2018. Stay tuned for purchasing information to be posted soon!

Thank you!

Viviana May

He sits over me…

He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. Malachi 3:3

This poem was given to me on October 29, 2006. It was during an extremely harsh and fiery season in my own personal life that God gave me the sweetest treasure to cling to, along with His eternal promises and encouragement to continue to trust Him no matter what! God’s whispers of love and constant reassurance created these comforting words in my anguished heart.  May they deeply comfort your soul as well!

He sits over me keeping watch through my day.

God sits over me keeping watch!

He surrounds me with mercy each step of the way,

And attends me when humbly I pray,

He responds to me without delay…

Assures me that all is ok!

He sits over me keeping watch through the night.

God sits over me keeping watch!

Produces His fire of heavenly light,

Down deep in my heart, clarifies my poor sight.

Reveals His grand glory, so bright…

In His presence I feel pure delight!

He sits over me keeping watch through the storm.

God sits over me keeping watch!

Hides me beneath His embraces so warm

When sorrows appear, all at once, in a swarm!

He offers me faith as to Him I conform.

And hovers so near giving peace in the storm…

He sits over me keeping watch when I’m weak.

God sits over me keeping watch!

 He holds me and shows me His power so meek.

As I sob out the sadness I can’t even speak!

Gives me strength when my life is so bleak,

Sweet contentment each day of the week!

He sits over me keeping watch through the fright.

God sits over me keeping watch!

Consoles me so calmly with power and might,

Assures me each day that this fight is His fight!

He anchors me, guides with His Light.

So securely propels me in flight!

He sits over me keeping watch ore’ my ways.

God sits over me keeping watch!

He hems me within when the fog and the haze

Covers me over and darkens my days.

Fills me with joy and with praise…

With His wonderful glorious praise!

Vivian May Edwards

The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalm. 121:8