5 Benefits of Organic Gardening

Wellness Extraordinaire!

Yes, it is true, organic gardening will improve your overall mental and physical health!

Let’s face it, no matter where you find yourself in life, it can be treacherous, and so stressful for us at times. Trying to play the juggling act between work, family and leisurely responsibilities, can sure take its toll on our energy, focus and overall physical and mental health and well being.

Certainly, finding positive solutions for improving your overall health, should be a priority! Who of us wants to constantly be dealing with stress, depression, disease or fatigue all of the time?
“People spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.” 
The Benefits

Organic Gardening improves both your physical and mental Well-being!

  • It lowers your risk of developing dementia and other autoimmune diseases.


  • It gets you off the couch, providing low-impact exercise for yourself.


  • It decreases levels of Cortisol in your system, which creates stress hormones in your body.
  • It provides more exposure to sunshine, which helps you to create, more Vitamin D for yourself! It Provides YOU With More Fun opportunities to socialize with family, friends and with other gardeners!
In my next article about organic gardening, I will give you a few easy steps to help you get started! Are you organic gardening? If so, please post your tips and experiences with us in the comments below, thanks! 

By [Viviana May]
A freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Unusual Animals are still loved…

Animals With Unusual Appearance By Nature

All animals are different, but not all the differences are visible to the eye. Some animals have a special story, some have interesting markings, and all have unique personalities.

We decided to share photos of animals that were given a very unusual appearance by nature. At the end of the article, there is a bonus which will tell you how to visually make any animal into an extraordinary one.

Judging by the facial expression, this fish doesn’t want any pictures of it to be taken.

It’s not every day that you see a curly horse.

Just look at the stunning Bengali kitten:

This dog has so much skin on its neck that you could cover an entire other dog with it.

A kitten with very funny curled ears:

Evolution made the camouflage of this orchid mantis perfect:

Nature gave this rabbit incredibly long ears.

Tiny danger noodles:

“My friend’s dog, Braveheart. Part husky, part lab, split right down the middle”

And here is a mix of a black and a red cat:

Rare white Swedish reindeer

Beautiful spots on the forehead:

Does he look happy?

Why would anyone need a horse when you can just Photoshop your dog?

Take me to your leader!

A dog with a star on his chest:

This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs:

The Mexican mole lizard is so rare that it’s almost mythical.

This dalmatian has heart-shaped spots on his eyes:

My little lady turned 20 y.o. this week. Supposedly, that’s 100 y.o. in human years.

Robins have tiny feathers around their eyes.

Duck rabbit

Meet Oliver. He has thumbs.

This video with a giant turtle was supposed to shock the viewers, but the most attentive ones noticed that there was something wrong with the video. Can you see what’s wrong?

According to what internet users think, a usual turtle turned into a giant one because of the angle from which it was shot. The animal was very close to the camera and the divers are a little further.

via Animals With Unusual Appearance By Nature