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Endless Regret

The time is now!

Time’s earthly clock is ticking, Father Time keeps rushing by.

Gone, gone, gone, gone; a desperate mournful cry…

I could have! Why didn’t I? I should have, what a fool!

I had the chance a thousand times, yet I refused, I played it cool.

And even though I heard the truth, I knew it, heard it every day;

How Jesus loved me, died for me to save my sin-sick soul, His way…

I put Him off, I threw Him out, King Jesus, Life’s True Flowing Fount.

His mercy’s gone, now it’s too late. Deep darkness, my alarming fate…

I could have known His love, His heart

His cleansing power, a brand-new start;

I missed out on His royal grace, His tender goodness, glorious face…

Now all is lost for endless days. I’ll never see Him, give Him praise.

He’ll never ever be my Friend or show me kindness without end…

I now can see, Jesus is King. I bow, confess, belief I bring.

Believers live eternally, I’m lost in timeless agony.

Alone forever, all is lost. I wish I’d known the price, the cost.

In Hell forever, burning pain. I’ve no one but myself to blame.

I’ve no one, but myself to blame…

Vivian May Edwards