Trust God...!
Be still…!

Be still, God has never failed you. He has never turned His face. Never once, has He abandoned you; He’s always shown you grace.

Even when you were so sad, you could not even sleep. You could not pray or even speak; all you could do was weep.

Your past is the sweetest story, of God’s faithfulness so true. Of how strong and safe His tower of His gentleness with you,

Remember, how He saved you; through each storm He was your light. Remember, how He gave your soul His love songs in the night.

Remember, when He hid you ‘neath the shelter of His wing. Remember, how He held you tight, when comfort He would bring.

Remember, that you’re in His heart forever, there to stay. Be still, and know that He is God; He care’s for you each day.

Remember; don’t forget God’s kind deliverance in the past. Do you really think He’d leave you now to fall apart at last?

Your life is the sweetest anthem that you could ever raise. Of how awesome God’s provision, how to Him belongs all praise.

Wait, be still and rest in Him who carried you that day, Praise Him for His perfect plan that came without delay.

Trust, have faith, remember how God’s mercies brought you through. Thank Him, and remember He’ll deliver you this time too!

Vivian May Edwards

Psalm 77

3 thoughts on “Remember

  1. There are some things that happen in life that an unbeliever would consider luck: those things that are out of the control of man, yet given by the hand of God. There is no luck. There are happenings and circumstances that come and are great and wonderful. There are answers to prayer and provisions in miraculous ways. There are wonderful works of God worthy of our praise.


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