Ancient Paths…


Ancient Paths
Ancient Paths
“Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for  your souls. Jeremiah 6:16

I love this idea!  Ancient Paths, passageways, already taken… Treacherous routes of long ago, tried, tested and proved to be so overwhelmingly safe, wise and sure. We will all come to crossroads many times during our lifetime. You know, those times when life emerges unsure and senseless. When confusion, puzzlement and  overwhelmingly disagreeable feelings of  speechlessness, direction or even explanations take over. Rest assured God knows, and He will guide each of us safely through to the other side of our own unique destinations.

 I am thankful and relieved that God so lovingly, gives me permission to just stand still during difficult times like these. Wow! I can take the time to just wait on Him to show me the way in which I am to go! He goes before me, locking doors that I would have otherwise been inclined to enter. God is not in a hurry and neither should I be in such a rush for answers and direction. Patience and trust are the big lessons here!

God wants me to not only stand still, but I am also to take action. Look. Ask. Walk! I don’t know about you but I love to look. I usually watch and observe how others fare, before I venture out. Asking? Yes, I will ask tons of questions, after all, wise counsel is a good thing, isn’t it? But walking? This is where I usually get stuck most of the time… Faith is the other biggy here guys!

The main thing is that within this verse lies a recipe for rest… Rest for your eternal soul! Clarity. Contentment. Peace! Are you at a crossroad? Wondering what in the world you going to do? Well, stand still. Look back! Observe the “Ancient Paths” of those godly ones who have gone on before you. Ask God for wisdom and submit your own judgment to that of the Spirit of God.

When you do, wisdom will come… God will shut every door except the right one for you. Trust Him! Keep moving ahead and consider that the absence of direction is an indication and evidence of His will, and that you are on His path for you after all! At just the precise moment in time, the right door will be left unlocked for you to open and enter in! You will be blessed, opportunities will follow and God will be glorified.

Together, traveling on Ancient Paths!

Vivian May Edwards

Sometimes when darkness falls, and every light’s gone out,

I wonder to what port my frail ship goes;

Although the night be long, and restless all my hours,

My distant goal, I’m sure, my Pilot knows.

Thomas Curtis Clark

2 thoughts on “Ancient Paths…

  1. Vivian,

    Did you write this comment on Ancient Paths???

    It is so beautiful, so wise and comforting. You have great wisdom, and seem to have a real grasp on what trusting God is all about. Wish I could feel that way in times like these. I do trust Him, but sometimes I loose sight of how in the world He will ever work it all out…I guess I do worry, but, I say it is concern for what is happening…in reality, it boils down to not trusting Him…I always look for fixes and answers, or ways that He can use me to fix things, but sometimes there is no way to fix it…I just need to trust that He will bring it all out to His Glory, whatever that may be.

    Pray for me, as I pray for you all.

    Love, Gale


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