Out of the Storm!

73240391Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm. He said:  Job 38:1

Out of the storm… Not in the midst of a sunny bright meadow, dripping with colorful daisy’s and daffodils… Or, by a breezy blue ocean, sipping ice-cold pina colada’s while reclining underneath the shelter of an orchard of beckoning coconut trees… No!

It was, out of the storm! In other words, because of the storm, yes, Job’s turbulent, merciless and unrelenting life storm which plunged him spiraling downward into a pit of hopelessness and despair, that God spoke to Job. God used this situation in his life to speak His words of rebuke, reassurance and remembrance.

Praise God for storms! You know, the kind that can break you and cause your very faith to be shaken…

I have found this verse to be so true in my own life. God does desire to speak to you too, in the very midst of your own personal life storm. You just have to be sure you are listening! Comfort. Reassurance. Spiritual growth. Renewed hope! All these, along with so many quiet reminders, to trust God, will flood in to the very depths of your puzzled soul.

So, thank God for those agonizing life storms in your life. Listen! Hear His sweet, reassuring whisper… Sense His peace, comfort and presence. Seek, His perfect plan for your life. When the storm calms, and it will, you’ll see, all the pain and anguish of your storm will have all been so worthwhile.

When God is the very center of  your soul, although disaster may crowd in on all sides and roar like the waves on the seashore, there will be a constant calm within. (Streams in the Desert)

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