The Breath of the Almighty…

But it is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty,

that gives him understanding.

Job 32:8


There’s that word “BUT” again. That tiny little three letter word, “but”… Bellowing out. Don’t panic! Don’t worry! You mean, even if everything in my life is crazy and falling apart? Things have become unbearable, puzzling? Impossible?


I have no excuse now… The “but” in this verse reminds me to simply trust God. It is His Spirit in me, His very breath that gives me understanding. Just the kind of understanding I need in order to stand firm, accept and embrace my life… Joyfully!


The breath of the Almighty… May we breathe in His sweet, caring, all-empowering breath today!  May we smell, sense, feel… Take it all in! Bravely and with peace and quiet grace.


Lately I have been reading the book of Job simultaneously along with the book of Psalms for my daily devotions. Interestingly, Psalms 32:8 reads; I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.


I don’t know about you but these verses offer me a tremendous sense of hope, comfort and security. Think about it… God’s Holy Spirit gives you and me the strength, protection and understanding needed, For each of our unique lives and circumstances. What a tender and perfect gift from God, our Heavenly Daddy Himself!


Rest. God is forever with you! Breathe Him in fully as you spend delightful time with Him, soaking in His love, light  and glorious presence.


Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year blessings,

For you and yours forever and always,


Vivian May Edwards

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