viv_fall_pic_edited-2.jpg Comfort. So many things comfort me in my difficulties, temptations and sorrows. I could never name them all.  Certainly, the first thing that comes to mind is God. His Word. His promises. His embracing presence, so close.

Take for instance last night, as I was reading my Bible. Psalm 119:50 jumped right out at me! My comfort in my suffering is this- your promise preserves my life.(NIV) God’s promises comfort me and give me hope, nothing more nothing less, plain and simple. His Promises! 

So then, comes the question. Do I trust God enough to keep His promises to me? Yes, with His help and power. This puts the ball back in His court doesn’t it? It does! 

I’m so thankful for all the other precious gifts from God that create in me great comfort, hope and praise. My family, dear friends, my church, spiritual books, hymns, my writing, Bella… 

Bella? Bella, my adorable miniature doxie, a gift, I know straight from my Heavenly Daddy. He always seems to know just what we need in order to get us through. Victoriously!  

Yes, God promises to not only provide just what we need. He even sees ahead and provides for our every need, even before we know we have one.

I’ve come to know Him and continue to grow in my understanding of God, as my generous and O so merciful and comforting Jehovah Jireh. Praise Him! It is His promises that preserve our lives. Give us hope! Comfort. We just have to take His word for it. Trust Him every step of the way. 

I find, when my focus is back on Him, trusting Him. My heart, mind and soul are at peace. Joy emerges. God is pleased. He is praise and glorified. Above all, He, yes He, is my comfort and enduring joy. God always preserves my life, and gives me peace and hope, as I praise Him and trust Him to keep His promises to me.  

Trust God! He loves you and will always keep His promises to you too. Trust me, He will!

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