Christmas Praise

Christmas Praise


Heaven’s Glad Splendor the Father’s delight,

God of all glory so holy so bright.

High halleluiahs, angels rejoice.

Shepherds adore Him with one great voice.

Babe in the manger, Emmanuel;

Jesus the Savior, with man to dwell,

Lord of Creation, Dawn’s Morning Star,

Royalty, beckoning kings from afar…

Humble, yet regal, creatures bow down,

Holy Child, given in Bethlehem’s town,

King of High Heaven, Lord of Pure Light…

Perfect and sinless, the Giver of Sight.

God’s gracious love gift our worship will ring,

Jesus forever, Your praises we’ll sing.

Gracious Messiah, Merciful One…

Glory and honor, to Jesus, God’s Son;

Glory and honor, to Jesus, God’s Son!


Vivian May Edwards

One thought on “Christmas Praise

  1. Love the words, though I cannot help but to think it should also be put to music. I find myself reading it with something of a tune echoing in the background. Nicely done!!!!



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